What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis Enlargement Surgery

It is a type of cosmetic surgery that men have preferred in recent years and aims to increase the size and diameter of their penis. penis enlargement surgery, is often used to increase men's sexual confidence. However, surgical procedures should be carried out under the control of a physician specialized in urology.

In Which Situations Is It Applied?

What are the Penis Enlargement Methods?There may be more than one reason why men choose surgical intervention. However, scientific studies on this subject are limited and people's personal preferences may vary. penis enlargement surgery It is usually done at the person's own request and is considered a cosmetic procedure. However, in some cases, such procedures may need to be performed for medical reasons. For example, these procedures are used in gender reassignment surgeries in cases such as Peyronie's disease. It is applied when men want to increase their sexual confidence. This can be attributed to the idea that a larger penis will give them more confidence.

Self-confidence can positively affect the quality of sexual life and relationship with the partner. People may choose surgery thinking that having a larger penis will increase their sexual performance. However, it should be noted that sexual performance is not just about size. Penis size may become an aesthetic concern for some men. They may want to have a larger penis. Your partner may have expectations of having a larger penis. This may cause men to consider surgery. Finally, some men may experience a decrease in self-esteem and self-esteem due to its length. They may consider surgery to fix this.

What are the Penis Enlargement Methods?

Penis lengthening surgery allows the penis to protrude further by cutting the ligaments hanging from the root of the penis. This procedure may slightly increase the apparent length of the penis, but in some cases, the natural angle and stability of the penis may be altered. The surgeon injects fillers such as hyaluronic acid into the tissue layer of the penis. Thus, it can expand the diameter of the penis. Such injections have temporary effects and may require regular repetitions.

How is Penis Enlargement Surgery Performed?

How is Penis Enlargement Surgery Performed?penis enlargement surgery It is generally done using two basic methods. It is called penis lengthening and thickening. Penis lengthening cuts or weakens the suspensory ligament at the root of the penis, the doctor says. It allows part of the penis to extend outside the body and thus increases its apparent length. Depending on the surgeon's evaluation, procedures are performed under local or general anesthesia. Penis thickening often uses fat cells or fillers to increase its diameter. With the liposuction method, fat is removed from the patient's body and this fat is injected into the tissue layer of the penis.

Alternatively, fillers such as hyaluronic acid can be used. Within the framework of urology expertise, it focuses on increasing a person's self-confidence and improving their sexual life. However, like any surgical procedure, it has possible risks. Therefore, the best results are achieved when the person's wishes and needs are fully understood and taken into account. Moreover, penis enlargement surgery Its effectiveness varies from person to person. It is most effective for those with medical conditions such as micropenis condition. They are also those who struggle with serious sexual insecurity.

Recovery Process After Penis Enlargement Surgery

After the operation, patients can usually return to normal activities within a few weeks. However, sexual activity should generally be avoided for 4-6 weeks. Because it may take time for the operation area to heal completely. During the healing process, doctors recommend prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to manage pain and swelling. In some cases, doctors recommend using medical products. Thus, it increases blood flow and accelerates healing. penis enlargement surgery You can contact us for more information and questions.