Get Rid of Prostate with Laser Prostate Surgery
Say Hello to Comfortable Life in 1 Hour!

Surgery Duration

Laser prostate surgery takes approximately 1 hour.

Hospital Stay

Depending on the patient's condition, the patient may stay in the hospital for an average of 1 day.

Transition to Daily Life

After an average of 6 weeks, patients can continue their normal lives.

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Laser Prostate Surgery

Laser Prostate Surgery can significantly reduce the risk of disease recurrence by completely removing prostate tissue.

Bleeding control is easily done with laser. It is the ideal treatment method for patients who have to use blood thinners.

The process of returning to normal life after Laser Prostate Surgery is quite fast. After 24 hours, there is no need for a catheter.

Prostate Treatment
Prostate Treatment
Prostate Treatment

Kiss. Dr. Serhat Dönmezer has performed successful operations on many diseases in the field of urology. 

Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

With the tests and controls performed to diagnose the disease, special treatments are applied to the patients.

Expertise and Experience

Kiss. Dr. Serhat Dönmezer is a urology doctor preferred by many patients with his experience in the field.

Laser Prostate Surgery

More than 1500 patients have been treated with laser prostate surgery. Dr. You can get information about the treatment by contacting Serhat Dönmezer.

Prostate Treatment

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Prostate Treatment

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Prostate Treatment

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Frequently asked Questions

As with any surgery, some risks may occur after prostate surgery. These risks include burning and straining during urination, urinary incontinence, bleeding and sexual dysfunction.  

Symptoms such as frequent urination, blood in the urine or semen, pain while urinating, feeling pain and stiffness in the waist and hips, and painful ejaculation indicate prostate problems. A correct diagnosis should be made after examination.

It may occur for various reasons. The main reason is explained as the overreaction of the prostate to male hormones. The second factor is genetic predisposition. People with a family history of prostate enlargement are 4 times more likely to experience this problem. Environmental factors are also very important.

During prostate surgery, opening and some changes occur in the prostate gland and bladder length. For this reason, when you have intercourse after the surgery, there is no longer as much sperm as before. While this condition may embarrass some men, there is no reduction in sexual prowess or paternity.

While vegetables, polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid, vitamin D and regular exercise reduce the risk of developing this disease, eating red meat, fat, carbohydrates and poultry increases the risk of BPH.

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