Get rid of varicocele with early intervention. Get healthy in 40 minutes with microsurgical surgery.

Surgery Duration

Varicocele surgery takes between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

Hospital Stay

Depending on the patient's condition, a 1-day hospital stay is required.

Transition to Daily Life

Healing occurs on average in 1 - 2 weeks. Routine life can be started.

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Microsurgical Varicocele Surgery

The surgery is performed between 40 minutes and 1 hour. It can be done with general or local anesthesia.

The postoperative pregnancy rate is in the 1st year and in the 2nd year. Sperm quality increases.

Daily life and sexual life can be resumed after 1 - 2 weeks. After the 3rd week, heavy work and sports activities can be continued.


Kiss. Dr. Serhat Dönmezer has performed successful operations on many diseases in the field of urology. 

Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

With the tests and controls performed to diagnose the disease, special treatments are applied to the patients.

Expertise and Experience

Kiss. Dr. Serhat Dönmezer is a urology doctor preferred by many patients with his experience in the field.

Microsurgical Varicocele Surgery

You can completely get rid of varicocele with microsurgery. The probability of the disease recurring is close to zero.


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Frequently asked Questions

If varicocele is not operated on, it reduces the chance of having children. The disease causes pain in the testicle and may lead to testicular shrinkage or even loss of testicle. Therefore, if the patient meets the necessary conditions for surgery, he should be treated.

A disease that generally affects sperm functions impairs the sperm functions of the testicle along with vasodilatation in this area. Advanced vascular dilatations in this area may cause pain and decrease in the quality of intercourse.

Considered as one of the reproductive problems varicocele disease is not always the cause of infertility. However, it ranks first among the treatable causes of infertility. Thanks to surgery, the infertility problem is mostly eliminated. However, surgery is not performed on every patient with varicocele. It is not considered a disease that requires urgent surgery. Although it is a disease that can cause permanent damage, not everyone with this disease is infertile. 

The disease may occur as a congenital vascular anomaly caused by the expansion of the collecting vessels surrounding the testicle. It is a disease that usually occurs during adolescence and progresses insidiously.

In surgeries performed using the microsurgery method, the likelihood of the disease recurring is close to zero. However, in surgeries performed without the use of a microscope, the chance of recurrence is high as small vessels can be missed. In addition, since the complication rates are high in these surgeries, microsurgical method is used.

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