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It is a surgical procedure performed on boys at a young age. It is defined as the removal of the excess flesh covering the tip of the penis. Circumcision Being a religious person has many benefits in terms of religion, culture and health. It is generally considered appropriate for boys to be circumcised between the ages of 2-7.

For health reasons, it is recommended to keep the penis clean and sterile. It should be applied to people who are prone to urinary tract inflammation. Apart from these, it is a developmental trigger for some urological diseases. Therefore, from a medical perspective, it is a recommended operation. 

It should not be forgotten that it is an application that requires surgical intervention. For this reason, it should be carried out within the framework of urology expertise. It should be applied under hygienic conditions and by a specialist physician. It is also very important to protect the child's psychological health, especially after the operation.

What is circumcision?

It is the process of surgically cutting the skin tissue surrounding the tip of the penis and exposing the urinary tract. It may be performed for medical or religious reasons. Circumcision The skin and secretion have some anatomical functions.

Urinary functions cannot be controlled in the first years of life. The burning sensation of the glans and urinary opening disappears after circumcision. At the same time, the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases occurring in adulthood is eliminated.

The operation, called neonatal circumcision, is performed in infancy. In terms of developmental stages, the healing process of babies is quite fast. Therefore, the risk of side effects is lower compared to operations performed during childhood. It is known that it provides many advantages in terms of hygiene. 

One of the questions frequently asked by patients about the operation process is at what age it should be performed. Psychologically, the child's suitability for the operation is very important. It is recommended that it be performed under general anesthesia to avoid turning into a traumatic situation.

Circumcision and its Benefits

It is known as the process of removing the skin surrounding the tip of the penis. Circumcision It has been predicted that it has many health benefits. Cleaning the penis becomes easier after the operation. At the same time, the rate of occurrence of urinary tract infections and other inflammation-related diseases decreases.

Practices performed in the first months of the baby's birth positively affect his/her psychological health. It reduces the likelihood of disorders such as trauma-related stress disorder that will affect adulthood. For this reason, whenever possible, procedures should be performed under general anesthesia during the surgery. 

The benefits of the application can be listed as follows;

  • Hygiene: The penis is washed and cleaned more easily. In this way, it helps children's personal hygiene become easier. According to research, circumcision, especially in newborn babies, has many advantages.
  • Reduced risk of urinary tract infection: The risk of postoperative urinary infection in children under one year of age is reduced by 8 times. At the same time, urinary tract disorders and kidney function problems are prevented. 
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases: Circumcision It has been observed that the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases is reduced in men with diabetes. It helps minimize herpes, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Penis problems: In men who are not circumcised, the foreskin at the tip of the penis may not open backwards. Infection of the head of the penis, called phimosis, is prevented. It prevents health problems that may occur on the skin surface and tissue.  
  • Reduced risk of penile cancer: Penile cancer is a very rare type of cancer. Uncircumcised men are 22 times more likely to get penile cancer than circumcised men. In addition, the likelihood of uterine cancer in women with whom circumcised men have sexual intercourse decreases.

How is Circumcision Done?

There are several different surgical methods used. Although there are different methods, the most frequently used method with the least side effects is the surgical method. It is an application that ends in a short time. A hospital environment suitable for hygienic conditions is very important. At the same time, the process must proceed under the control of physicians who are experts in their field. 

Procedures are performed under anesthesia. The area to be cut on the skin surface is determined. The determined folding area is cut. After the penis tip is opened, the risk of possible bleeding and infection is prevented by stitching. After the operation, the surgeon performs the necessary checks and completes the procedure.

Circumcision The wound of the affected person heals in an average of 1 week. It is generally observed that healing occurs without the need to apply a dressing or bandage to the procedure area. Side effects such as redness, edema and pain at the tip of the penis may be seen in the first few days. After the operation, there may be pain, swelling, bruised appearance and a small amount of yellow fluid at the tip of the penis. All these problems disappear within 1 week at most.

What are the Circumcision Methods?

All surgical operations should be performed in a hospital environment to ensure the necessary sterile environment. The appropriate anesthesia method for the patient is very important in order to prevent the negative effects that the operation may cause. 

Diseases affecting blood circulation in the family are important for the operation. Except for patients in the newborn group, surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. Necessary examinations should be performed on the patient before application. It prevents side effects that may occur after the procedures.   

Apart from the surgical method applied by urology specialists, some techniques can be mentioned, which are differentiated according to their application techniques. The bell technique is called the laser or cautery technique. Both techniques pose a medical risk to human health. Therefore, it is a process that should be carried out in a hospital environment and by surgeons who are experts in their field.  

Considering the operation methods, they are divided into two. These;

  • Surgical (Stitched) Method: In surgical circumcision, the foreskin is cut with the help of a scalpel or scissors. Then, the bleeding areas are tied one by one. Since the surgical method requires precision, it can take approximately 20-30 minutes. There is a possibility of slight bleeding. After the procedure, stitches are placed with self-dissolving threads as thin as a hair.
  • Clip-on (Seamless) Method: In this method circumcision The skin is cut by clamping it with a plastic clip. For this reason, no bleeding occurs. It is a process that takes about five minutes. No stitches or dressings are required. After the skin is cut, the clip must remain on the penis for a few days.

Post-Operation Process 

After the procedure, the foreskin is removed and a bandage is placed on the penis, which acts as a dressing. It disappears on its own while urinating or taking a shower. Pain may begin after the anesthesia wears off. Painkillers or medication recommended by the specialist physician are applied. 

The point to be considered is that the operated area should not be touched for a certain period of time. It is recommended to avoid actions such as harsh rubbing or rubbing. Children should not force the surgery area while meeting their toilet needs.  

The healing process varies from person to person. It is known that there are anatomical differences between individuals. That's why swelling at the head of the penis and other symptoms vary. Frequent bathing is effective in treating the wound. Additionally, the cream recommended by the specialist physician who performed the surgical intervention should be used.

Sudden actions should be avoided in the first week after the procedure. You can swim in the sea and pool 10 days after the scabbed wound has completely healed. After the operation, the stitches will disappear on their own.

At the same time, it is important that the diaper used on babies is of a large size in order to heal the procedure area. For children, looser clothing should be preferred after the circumcision operation.  

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