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Prostate is a walnut-sized gland with an important function found in every man. It plays a major role in the male reproductive process. As people get older, they become infected and develop diseases for many reasons. Inflammation of the prostate tissue is called prostatitis. There are different types of prostatitis. Different symptoms may occur in each. The biggest symptom of prostatitis is pain. It occurs in people who have a lot of pain as well as in people who have very little pain. This disease, which can be encountered at any age, is more common in young ages. It is not known exactly what causes prostatitis.

Treatment Methods

In the treatment of prostatitis, treatment methods may differ from person to person. A treatment plan is created by first determining the type of prostatitis disease. People with acute prostate inflammation, if it is severe, need to be hospitalized and receive long-term antibiotic treatment. If treatment is delayed, inflammation may spread into the blood and complications leading to death may occur. People with chronic bacterial prostatitis are also treated with long-term antibiotics. In addition, additional vitamins and muscle relaxation are also given.

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